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Innovating The Industry Daily

Systematic Approach to Maximize Profits



Our clients have come to trust our deep understanding of the intricacies involved in the realm of Affordable Housing.


Come explore the benefits of our experienced and qualified team of real estate professionals, all of whom possess extensive experience in helping clients to traverse and understand the complicated and involved process of selling or buying Multi-Family properties.  We provide you with:


  • Expertise in the market

  • Honesty and transparency

  • Accurate market value analysis

  • Great professional team to work with!




Multi-Family Innovations Brokerage team is supported by the business alliances that we have formed and developed during years of experience in the industry. Our alliances are with; Real Estate Investors, Attorneys, CPAs, Property Management Companies, Hard Money Lenders, National & Private Money Investors, Real Estate Brokers & Agents which allows us to give our clients properties more than enough exposure.


Property Management

Multi-Family Innovations has a full-service property management Division, We manage Mobile Home parks and apartment buildings throughout the Midwest.

Our Property Management Division is based on the core beliefs of integrity, honesty and hard work. We offer our clients a level of service, response time and open communication seldom encountered in today's business world. Our clients can count on consistent communication, accurate financials and an unparalleled level of service. Our licensed professional managers, accountants and support staff, we will provide what you have been looking for in a management company.


Our function as a management company is to maximize the true potential of the property, stay on top of collections, keep expenses down, add value- get homes & lots occupied. Unfortunately, there are management companies out there looking to be check writers (just paying the bills) and not looking to get the most out of the properties they manage for the best interest of their clients.


Please fill out our online questionnaire if you are interested in a free market analyst (For Possible Sale) or if you are interested in our property management services,  we will then customize a proposal based on your property and your needs.(click here)


Jon King founded MFI in 2016 and directs development, Brokerage, Property Management and acquisitions for the company. He works closely with community buyers and sellers on contracts, due diligence – including financial and market analysis, up to the close of escrow. Jon's extensive experience in real estate dates back to 2003. He began his career with  Birch Realty. As a result of this experience, he is able to have vast perspective on the industry.  



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